The Sorcerer





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How Time Flies

The Sorcerer is a minor antagonist in the series.


A masked wizard that can use magical attacks and can teleport. He was sent by Gorganus to disrupt the 24 Hour Time Cycle. Time kept speeding so that the Galactic Sentinels had a hard time getting through a Power Portal. The Galactic Sentinels end up forming Knighttron who defeats the Sorcerer. Time went back to normal. In "Mind Games," the Sorcerer suddenly retreats leaving his wand behind which ends up causing Nimbar to fall under the Sorcerer's mind-control to make Nimbar disband the Sentinels. Using Swinton's science project, the teens return to Nimbar's lair and throws the Sorcerer's wand away. The Sorcerer returns at full strength and the Sentienls fight the Sorcerer. In "A Nightmare on Rodeo Drive," the Sorcerer is sent to make the teen's nightmares come true. When alerted about the Sorcerer's attack by Nimbar, the Sentinels end up fighting the Sorcerer who ends up overwhelming them enough for them to retreat. After a series of unlucky events after that, the teens discover that they are in a dream spell caused by the Sorcerer. When they wake up, they continued their fight against the Sorcerer. Before the Sorcerer can cast another spell, they form Knighttron and defeat the Sorcerer. In "The Leech," the Sorcerer places a Mind Leech on Drew so that the Mind Leech can give Emperor Gorganus the true identity of the Galactic Sentinels. In "The Ghost Warrior," the Sorcerer is sent to Earth disguised as Taurus in a plot to make a public appearance to lure out the Galactic Sentinels. Nimbar figures out the Sorcerer's plot and the teens engage the Sorcerer. The Sorcerer retreats after a hit from Taurus in order to further their plot. The Sorcerer attacks Earth again causing the sentinels to fight the Sorcerer with Gordon's mother watching. The sentinels defeat the Sorcerer who is then withdrawn by Emperor Gorganus. When the Impostor Taurus disappears, Emperor Gorganus sends the Sorcerer to the Toil Mines as punishment for his failures..


The Sorcerer wears a black cloak and a gold mask. His face is never seen.